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NEXPO coverage through the years

NEXPO, the Newspaper Association of America's annual trade show and conference, is the focus of much of what we do at The Cole Group.

We have assembled here a complete directory of our coverage in recent years:

Recent announcements

An archive of the opening (or "home") page of the web site, this will give you an idea of what we've done or emphasized over the years.

The Cole Digest

A weekly column produced for the on-line service PressLink between 1993 and 1996, The Cole Digest is pure Cole -- critical, irreverant, insightful. Here on the Web site we have about 50 of the columns (the others have been lost in the ether).

On-line Around the World

The presentation David M. Cole gave at the 2nd European Conference of the International Advertising Association in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept. 23, 1997, "On-line Around the World," is now available. The presentation is a set of HTML pages that have the links to the sites Cole demonstrated. (This presentation is similar to the one Cole gave at the World Newspaper Congress in Amsterdam in June 1997.)

Critiquing Web sites

At Seybold San Francisco '95, three experts on the World-Wide Web looked at 10 popular Web sites (including HotWired, Pathfinder, ESPNet, CNN Interactive and C/Net). We have included the transcript of their remarks, along with some essential links to find out what they're yammering about.

Web site strategies that work

A presentation Cole gave to the Society of Newspaper Design in 1996 that discusses site design principles. Links to important sites in the world of web site design are included.

Journalism-related sites

Included are reviews of the Detroit newspaper sites (both strike and non-strike), the Michigan Press Photographers Association's site and the Newspaper Association of America's site.

Cole's Bridgecam

Hey, it's just a hack, but it's a fun hack. We used to have our offices overlooking San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. See what it looked like out our window on April 15, 1995 at this very hour.

Trains, trains, trains

Personal interest alert: Pointers to sites that emphasize steam trains and/or Northern California transportation issues, including museums and other preservation activities. A certain amount about backyard live steam operation.

Non-profit membership management

Personal interest alert: Doing pro-bono computer consulting for non-profits got me dragooned into this project, that seeks to develop an Open Source solution to membership management for clubs and non-profits.

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