The Cole Group

The Cole Group

An independent publishing industry analysis firm, The Cole Group guides publishers in acquiring new technologies and assists them in running their businesses more effectively.

The Cole Group was founded in 1989 by a longtime newspaper technologist to help publishers make decisions about editorial, classified and pre-press systems We understand that even though the publishing industry has realized remarkable cost savings from properly chosen equipment, installed correctly, publishers still treat technology with skepticism. Principal Consultant David Cole has a long career in publishing and he knows how publishing executives prefer to work – cautiously at first, then anxious to get a project moving once a decision has been made.

The Cole Group has been called upon by publishers large and small around the globe, many of whom have asked us to return to help with subsequent tasks. They recognize that our collective experience – and what we learn daily as industry journalists – gives us an unequaled overview of what's happening in today's publishing world.

Your newspaper is always striving to improve; as the late British press baron Lord Rothermere put it, "A newspaper should be like the sea – always different, always the same." We at The Cole Group believe that we can help you achieve that goal.

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