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Trade name notice: Throughout this web site, trademark names are used. Rather than put a trademark symbol at trademarked names, we are using the names only in an editorial fashion, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademarks.

Privacy policy: Our web server recognizes no information regarding your e-mail address when you visit our web site; the only things we know about you are the information provided by you. The information we collect is used to improve the content of our web pages and to notify you about updates to our web site. If you supply us with your postal address and/or telephone number on-line, you may receive mail and/or a phone call from us with information regarding orders, prize winnings or other relevant information. This information is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes (though if you are a customer of ours, we periodically do share our customer lists with organizations we deem to have information of value to you; we monitor the mailing pieces to determine whether they are offensive or inaccurate). If you do not want to receive mail – whether snail or e-mail – from us in the future, please let us know via e-mail at .

Who we aren’t: We aren’t a publisher of cook books, nor are we a publisher of real estate directories, despite the fact that there are other companies that pursue those endeavors under the rubric “Cole.” If you’re seeking cook books, please call directory assistance and ask for a listing in Glen Ellen, Calif., for “The Cole Publishing Group.” If you’re seeking information about Cole Directories, please visit the web site of Cole Information Services. Lastly, we aren’t a midwestern wholesale distributor of industrial papers, printing papers or floor coverings; you should visit the web site of Cole Papers Inc.

Software: Software used to produce this web site and its ancillary print publications includes: Mac OS X 10.6.5, Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS X 10.3.9, along with Adobe Creative Suite, Text Wrangler, Safari, FireFox, iTunes and Dantz Retrospect. Mailing lists are proprietary and written for MySQL. (For server software, see our server page.)

(Note: The Cole Group is a virtual business; this means that no one works out of the Pacifica office except Cole himself. If you want to send snail mail to other Cole Group workers, please e-mail them to get their local snail mail address.)

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